‘Supernatural’ at 200: The Road So Far, An Oral History

An Oral history of Supernatural. What best could happen for the 200th Episode of the best show out there? Supernatural is based on oral history I would say. Urban legends, mythologies, STORIES. It’s all about stories, written or oral, passed through times and people. Stories changed by interpretation and motivation or memory. But Supernatural is also about the best story you can always find and adapt through history and time: The history of humanity. It’s Sam and Dean going through this Supernatural universe, those creatures far from humans (for most of them) and struggling with what being human means. With love, family, sacrifice, growing up, facing your fears, being brave, being afraid. It’s about two brothers, their 67 Chevy Impala and classic rock music, saving people, hunting things and somehow you can relate.

I love everything about this show. It’s not perfect but to me, it’s more than perfection.


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