We Keep Each Other Human – Supernatural’s ‘Sacrifice’

They say it all. Read it ! Love it ! Watch the show, watch Sacrifice and if you have, watch it again.

Supernatural has great stories to tell, but the story of two brothers that while willing to devote themselves to protect us all from evil monsters and psychopath celestal beings, are also ready to sacrifice everything for family. Supernatural is called Supernatural but if you read under the layers, if you go through all the magical, the mystical, the celestial and the mythological, what you see is truly beautiful…



sacrifice 2

I will never be able to hear Carry On My Wayward Son as ‘The Road So Far’ comes up on my screen without bursting into tears. That started the Season 8 finale episode off with ALL THE FEELS, and they just kept coming. I felt almost as exhausted as poor Sam looked by the time it was over. And then I had to sleep on it, and most likely process it even in my dreams, and then wake up the next morning and start pondering it all over again. Here’s what I came up with, after all that pondering.

This episode was all about Being Human, which perhaps shouldn’t be a surprise considering it was written by Jeremy Carver.

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