I love a song …

Music is soothing, don’t you think ?


I do. It takes a great place in my life, just like it probably does for a lot of people. It’s another world where feelings and emotions have words and meanings, where sometimes a word is a word and it means what it is supposed to mean and other times it hides a message. It’s poetry for many artists with a melody, a voice, a rythm. It makes it so much stronger, right ?

It always amazed me how someone can express himself with music. Most of the time I struggle to say what I think, even more to express what I feel. Being able to do so is already for me a great accomplishment but creating the right melody to go with the right words and reflect emotions… That is for me one of the most beautiful thing on planet Earth, one of the greatest capacity of Human beings.

I guess it’s what I love the most about it. To sing your emotions. Some artists don’t have a great, spectacular voice. That’s alright. Their words is their voice.

Some have it all : great melody, amazing voice, right words. Those you love, you admire, you want more from.

Today music is as much commercial as it is an art. You can find both. You can find catchy melody with empty words that you just feel to dance on. The sort of songs you will forget real soon but still … everybody listened to it and later when you’ll hear that song, you’ll remember about that Summer or that person in you life at that time.

You can find artistic tresor from artists or bands hiding from the mainstream turmoil.

Sometimes you need to know the artist to like is song, sometimes you don’t.

I wondered : What does it take for you to really love a song ? What are you looking for ? Is it that you don’t think about it and fall in love ? Is it that the meaning ?

Tell me about your favorite song, and why it is your favorite song.


3 thoughts on “I love a song …

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  2. For me a song is more the melody than the lyrics, so good lyrics don’t make a good song. It only makes a good poem. So many exemples of good music without lyrics… since classical music until bebop jazz, and also instrumental rock like the Scottish Mogwai or the minimalist pop of Japonese Lullatone.

  3. About the favorite song, it depends on the moment, but a song for all my life, it would be probably some of Bach or Chet Baker (for whom, I think, lyrics is not important, but voice is, so, he sings some words sometimes…)

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